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The Paul Rosenfels Collection

        This section of the English Server publishes the collected works of Paul Rosenfels, M.D., the first American social scientist to defend homosexuality in print as a valid lifestyle. Rosenfels is also known for having made a conscientious lifelong effort to develop the foundations of a "science of human nature."

Dean Hannotte is the editor of the Paul Rosenfels Collection and sole copyright owner of these works.
To learn more about Paul Rosenfels, visit Wikipedia or The Paul Rosenfels Community.

You can reuse and repurpose these texts in any print or electronic medium as long as you
1. Make no changes to their content,
2. Indicate that Dean Hannotte holds the copyright and provide his website address
(http://www.dean-hannotte.com), and
3. Include the entire text of this REUSE POLICY.

About Paul Rosenfels and the Ninth Street Center
Dean Hannotte's introduction to "Homosexuality: The Psychology of The Creative Process"
[1986, 34Kb, gives a brief summary of Rosenfels' life and the work he did at the Ninth Street Center]
A Ninth Street Center Handbook, by Dean Hannotte [1987, 150Kb]
Staff Interviews [1988, 150Kb]
We Knew Paul: Conversations with Friends and Students of Paul Rosenfels, edited and with an introduction by Dean Hannotte [1990, 574Kb]
Letters to a Young Woman, by Dean Hannotte [2006, 83Kb]

SUBJECT KEYWORDS: science of human nature, philosophical anthropology, moral philosophy, humanistic psychology, personal development, interpersonal creativity, social progress, introversion, extroversion, femininity, masculinity, psychological polarity, character specialization, homosexuality, gay liberation.

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